Balancing Your Books is a Breeze

Count on us for local bookkeeping services in Lubbock, TX

On top of all your daily duties as a business owner, it can be overwhelming to keep up with your financial transactions, too. Thankfully, you can trust Jessica Moore Bookkeeping for local bookkeeping services. Our professional bookkeeper will provide you with monthly statements of your business's financial status so you have more time for other tasks.

You'll feel confident choosing us for bookkeeping services because we provide records that are:

Easy to read - We'll highlight your account statues so you won't have to guess what your statements mean.
Concise - We'll condense the numbers so you can see your all your accounts and assets at once
Accurate - We'll take the time to make sure all numbers are correct so you can file taxes easily

Call 806-319-5610 to schedule local bookkeeping services. Please note: While we are in Lubbock, TX, we work virtually with business owners across the U.S.

Get prepared for tax season

Get prepared for tax season

Knowing where your business stands financially is crucial for your success, but our records are also helpful during tax season.

Choose us for bookkeeping services to get professionally prepared financial records of your business's:

  • Daily transactions
  • Operation costs
  • Event costs

Once you have our records, you'll have the tools you need for a more stress-free tax season.