We help small businesses grow by taking the stress and headache of managing their finances off of their to-do list so they can get back to doing what they love and spending time with the ones they love.

"A house is built by wisdom, And it establishes itself by understanding. And the inner parts are filled by knowledge, [With] all precious and pleasant wealth." Proverbs 24:3-4

"Keep an accurate record of any deposits you make or of anything you give or receive." Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 42:7

Both of these Biblical truths, one traditional and one from the Apocrypha, are at the heart of how we help you grow. We use standard bookkeeping principles to keep accurate records of all of your transactions. Then we take those records and provide insight into your business' or houses' health.

We strive to give you back your time to focus on doing what you love and spending time with the ones you love. By coming alongside you and taking the overwhelming task of running your business's financial aspects, we open the doors to growth by giving you more opportunities to focus on your passion.

Are you ready to get back to the backbone of your business? Your story is essential, and we can't wait to hear it.

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Meet Our Team

Jessica Moore - Owner

Building relationships start with a foundation of trust. When choosing a bookkeeper, I understand where you might hesitate. You're giving someone access to a private part of your life. And you don't want to provide this information to just anyone.

People like knowing that there is a real person behind the screen.

So, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I'm a mother to 2 wonderful boys who keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. I'm also a part of a hard-working community of female small business owners who stay at home to take care of their families while running a business.

I started this business during the Global Corona Virus Pandemic. I can only credit God with our success. As much as I would love to say my educational background in business, or my years working in banking, lead to my success, the truth of the matter is they didn't. God is the one who opened the door for my business, and He is the one who has brought me success. I will continue to follow His lead and instruction as we grow.

I understand the importance of having that precious time with family. It's the backbone of my practice.

5 Fun Facts About Jessica

1. I am the first of 200 girls in my family. And no, it is not some occult thing. My parents work for a children's home, and it is tough to tell a three-year-old that all of the girls in her home are not her sisters.
2. I use to jump out of a 65-foot tower almost daily for work.
3. I am a mom of two amazing boys who keep me on my toes
4. I love cooking and cooking shows
5. I used to ride rodeo - barrel racing, and pole bending



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I hired Jessica to work on getting my books balanced and ready to file taxes. Not only was she incredibly efficient but she knows her Quickbooks stuff and was able to quickly clean up some issues I created! She has continued to support me by answering the many questions I have regarding my books and business in general. She helped me by evaluating my Profits & Losses, offering additional suggestions to help offset the increasing business costs while helping me to remain competitive in my market. I definitely recommend her for any bookkeeping needs you may have, big or small.

- Michelle Stoltz